CNN's Don Lemon Caught With His Hand . . . ON TYRA BANKS BOOTY!! (Wait . . . Ain't He GAY??)

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CNN host Don Lemon was caught with his hand in the cookie jar - last night at an event in NYC .

Tyra and Don attended the 92Y Presents: Tyra Banks and Carolyn London in Conversation with Don Lemon. And they took pics. And notice where Don's hand is.

What do you think - did Don get STRAIGHT-CURIOUS for a minute and grab the cakes?

We can't blame Don. Tyra is a supermodel and is absolutely stunning. Even gay men can appreciate a beautiful woman when they see one and if you had an opportunity to squeeze her booty, wouldn't you take it?

Don Lemon went viral earlier this year after he invited his boyfriend Tim Malone on camera, told him that he loved him and the couple shared a New Year’s kiss.

Tyra didn't seem to mind the playful grope either. Her memoir Perfect Is Boring is doing the rounds, and in the book, she opened up about being insecure about her cellulite.

“When I walked down the Victoria’s Secret runway, I always covered my butt. Always,” she said. “People used to think, ‘Oh, she’s one of the top angels. That’s why she has a long train or extra.’ No, I was covering up my cellulite. Thank you Victoria’s Secret for working with me, they knew why I was doing it.”

We think she looks amazing... Apparently, so does Don.