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Doja Cat Responds To Nas' 'Ultra Black' Diss

Doja Cat responded to Nas' "Ultra Black" diss -- by not really responding to it at all.

The star posted a video on TikTok.

"I'm so offended and upset by this song. Have you guys heard 'Fruit Salad' by The Wiggles?" she asked.

In Nas' track, he raps: "We goin' ultra Black, unapologetically Black/ The opposite of Doja Cat, Michael Blackson Black."

Doja repeatedly denied rumors that she took part in online chats with white supremacists, despite clips surfacing online.

"I just realized how stupid that narrative is. I just realized that. The things -- The verbal harassment, the physical harassment that I could go through being in a crowd of white supremacists -- who you think I'm so good friends with, f*cking ridiculous," she said in June. "My friends aren't racist in chat rooms; my friends on TinyChat are not f*cking white supremacists. They love me, I love them, they're loving and that's it. You won't find anything on them because you're f*cking stupid."