Doja Cat Responds To Fans Trying To Cancel Her: Good Luck Motherf*cker!!

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Doja Cat hopped on Livestream to chat to her fans following the most controversial week of her career and she had just one thing to say to non-essential workers trying to cancel her career -- "good luck motherf*cker."

"We have a lot of time. We're in quarantine. If you're not an essential worker... and you're trying to make me look like sh*t on the internet, good luck motherf*cker. You have nothing else to do, I understand. You have fun. You do that sh*t."

She also took time out to deny that the chats she was involved in were white supremacist chat rooms.

"There are racist people who come in and out of the chat," she said. "They happen and they're banned. The idea that this chatroom is a white supremacist chatroom -- I don't fully understand it in any way." 

She later admits that she has messed up but hopes her fans will give her a second chance.

"If you're a true fan of me, if you're young -- my behavior isn't something that always needs to be followed. I'm not perfect. I shouldn't be doing dumb sh*t," she said. "But also, I need to stand up for myself instead of making a video that's diplomatically and politically correct... I just don't want to be the person who f*cking bullsh*ts you. Cause I know that what makes me happy is that you guys are happy and you know what the f*ck is real."

Y'all forgive her?