Doja Cat Lashes Out At Instagram Trolls: You're Trying To Make Me Feel Worse!!

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Doja Cat hopped on Instagram Live to lash out at social media trolls who stop by her page just to leave negative comments.

Doja has had enough.

"Nobody should hate themselves for their skin tone, nobody should hate anybody else because of their skin tone. Now, why the f*ck is it your logic to come onto my platform and say, 'Wow, forehead's too big. Why would anybody be attracted to you? I hate you'… Just go into the comments and look at the sh*t you're saying," she exclaimed.

"Anybody who doesn't have time for that sh*t, anybody who actually cares about themselves isn't going to spend time on my platform trying to destroy my self-image. You're trying to make me feel worse."

She also tried to shut down the rumors that she took part in online chats with white supremacists.

"I just realized how stupid that narrative is. I just realized that. The things -- The verbal harassment, the physical harassment that I could go through being in a crowd of white supremacists -- who you think I'm so good friends with, f*cking ridiculous. My friends aren't racist in chat rooms; my friends on TinyChat are not f*cking white supremacists. They love me, I love them, they're loving and that's it. You won't find anything on them because you're f*cking stupid."