Doja Cat: I'll Show My Breasts If 'Say So (Remix)' Reaches No.1!!


Doja Cat has promised to show her breasts to the world if her single "Say So (Remix)" which features rapper Nicki Minaj, reaches number one on the Billboard charts.

"If say so hits #1 I'll show you guys my boobs really hard," she tweeted.

Fans were waiting for a collab between the pair and thought they'd be working together on her Hot Pink album, but they did not.

 "People thought the surprise feature was going to be Nicki because I blurred the name out at first -- and, well, the album is titled Hot Pink," she said year. "Also, I'm just a huge fan of Nicki. I blurred out the name, but it wasn't necessarily to create a sense of anticipation specifically around." The surprise feature ended up being Gucci Mane on "Like That."

They "Say So (Remix)" has been climbing up the charts and it's very likely that the single could hit number one.