Doja Cat Apologizes For Engaging 'Racists' And Using The 'N Word'!!

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Doja Cat has been embroiled in a possibly career-ending scandal. As MTO News has reported, the female rapper was caught going inside "Alt-right" chatrooms and making racist comments about Black people.


Yesterday, Doja Cat took to Instagram to apologize for her past racist remarks.

"I want to address what's been happening on Twitter," she began. "I've used public chat rooms to socialize since I was a child. I shouldn't have been on some of those chat room sites, but I personally have never been involved in any racist conversations. I'm sorry to anyone I offended."

Doja is referring to clips that surfaced of her entering an ALT-right incel chat room. Shortly after the clips emerged, #DojaIsOverParty was trending on Twitter.

"I'm a black woman," she continued. "Half of my family is black from South Africa and I'm very proud of where I come from."

Doja went on to explain an old song that recently resurfaced called "Dindu Nuffin," a title that The Source writes is in reference to "a stylized pronunciation of 'didn’t do nothing,'" and a "phrase people in the Alt-Right spaces of the internet use to describe black victims of police brutality."