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Reality star and rapper T.I. and his wife Tameka Cottle, AKA Tiny, were spotted on their phones yesterday as they walk to go shopping at Maxfield clothing store in West Hollywood.

The paparazzi managed to sneak a few pics showing TI and Tiny - without the couple realizing that they were being photographed.

And some people on social media are a bit disturbed by the images that were captured. The pics show TI walking noticeably ahead of his wife. She appears to be about three steps behind her husband.

Here are all the pics:


In many patriarchal cultures - including Asian, African, and Muslim cultures - a wife is required to walk at least 3 paces behind her husband. By walking behind her husband, the wife his seen as "submitting" to the will of her husband, as she follows him.

Tiny was trending on Twitter briefly today, with many women questioning why she isn't walking side-by-side with her hubby.

Beyond this strange situation, T.I. was also clowned all over social media for apparently being a part of the “disadvantaged shoe size gang.”

The “You Don’t Know Me” rapper took to Instagram early Wednesday morning and posted a photo of himself and his wife Tiny Harris lounging around together on a chaise lounge. The image showed the “King” propping his legs and feet across his wife’s lap as she’s facing in the opposite direction from where he was lying.

“Busy doing nothing,” T.I. captioned the photo.

However, the “Trap King’s” sweet photo with his wife took an unexpected turn when fans called him on the carpet for his seemingly tiny feet. Some even mistook his yellow shoes for Tiny’s until they noticed his legs over her lap.

“So no one gonna ask why he got baby feet 👀?”

“I thought those were Tiny’s feet but naw them tip’s 🧐”

“Damn brah what u were a size 4? Them miniture ass feet boi 🤣.”

“Your feet look so little wittle 😭.”

A few fans defended the rapper, claiming it was the photo angle.