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Doctor Found GUILTY Of Raping Patent . . .Is Given PROBATION No JAIL TIME!!


A Texas doctor named Shafeeq Sheikh, 46, was convicted Thursday of raping a woman in 2013 at Ben Taub Hospital in Houston. The court gave him 10 years' probation for his conviction, according to the Harris County District Attorney's office.

Shafeeq was formerly a physician at Baylor College of Medicine. His victim was a woman hospitalized for an acute asthma attack.

The woman reported pressing the call button multiple times when a man came to her room and sexually assaulted her in the dark - while she was connected to machines and heavily sedated.

The hospital conducted a rape kit on the victim and uncovered DNA that led investigators to Shafeeq, who was a doctor at the hospital.

He was investigated and authorities found surveillance footage that showed Shafeeq entering the woman’s floor at least 12 times. He was also logged swiping his badge to gain access to the floor, despite not being assigned as the woman’s physician.

Jurors returned a guilty verdict Thursday for Shafeeq Sheikh in his sexual assault trial. According to the Harris County District Attorney's office, the jury sentenced Sheikh to probation.

Sheikh was arrested in October 2015 after a nearly two-year investigation into the assault that happened at Ben Taub back in November 2013.

After a DNA test and nearly two years of collecting evidence, detectives made the arrest.

Sheikh was terminated from Ben Taub in 2014, and his Texas medical license was later suspended.

The Harris County district attorney approved his sentence of NO jail time for rape.