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The DNA TEST Just Came Back . . . NBA Star DeAndre Jordan . . . Got His SIDE CHICK PREGNANT!!! (Maury Says . . . You ARE The Father)


NBA star DeAndre Jordan got a nice surprise this Father's Day - a POSITIVE DNA TEST.

You see, DeAndre has been dating the lovely model Amber Alvarez for a little more than two years, but he has a 3-month-old son. How is that possible, you ask? Well depending on who you ask, DeAndre either had a "break" baby or a side chick baby with a woman named Ashley.

DeAndre wanted to be 100% certain, so he asked for a paternity test, which has now come back POSITIVE. And we're told that DeAndre is 100% accepting of his new role as a father.

We're also told that DeAndre and his girlfriend Amber have "worked through" the issues.

DeAndre currently plays center for the Los Angeles Clippers.

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