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A company that offers DNA testing in the Caribbean island of Jamaica just dropped a bombshell report.

According to the company, Polygenics Consulting, which has been operating in Jamaica since 2015, in 70 percent of their tests - the men who were named as 'fathers' were not biologically related to the children. 

Polygenics Consulting spoke with the Jamaica Star newspaper, and dropped the stunning claim. The company told the paper that they have witnessed a steady increase in the number of fathers seeking DNA tests. 

The company tests between 30 and 100 fathers each month, and offers DNA testing for children as young as one day old. 

The paper spoke with a Jamaican sociologist Dr Orville Taylor, while pointing out that the 70 percent figure is specific to Polygenics Consulting, and not representative of the whole population.

Here's what he said:

“I don’t find the data particular disturbing. If it’s a case where the people are not in a stable type of union, this would be a reflection of that. If somebody is not very careful or scrupulous about who she is having unprotected sex with, then there’s a 70 per cent chance then she will have a child for someone who is not the biological father. It points to some level of promiscuity