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DMX sat down for an interview on Big Boy’s radio show in Los Angeles where he gave his opinion on the current state of the rap game.

Big Boy asked him whether he feels the culture of Hip-Hop is being misrepresented. X replied:

“Hip Hop is a lifestyle. I think so. I think so.[...] Whoever can [represent it correctly], not just myself but whoever first has the insight to see it and the talent and the ability to do the right thing, then it’s all of our responsibility. [...] They all promoting drug use. If that’s what you wanna do, that’s your business. But you ain’t gotta promote it like it’s cool, make it cool. Now you have kids walkin’ around like, ‘Oh I’m poppin’ Molly.'”

He also opened up about his longtime battle with addiction and struggle to remain sober:

“I don’t do anything. I’ll have a drink here and there. That was never a problem. That’s about it."

Big Boy then asked him what was the problem:

"Cocaine [was the problem]. I think we kinda knew that was the problem. Anybody in here that didn’t know? Of course it was problem. I got in trouble and all that sh*t. It’s not worth it. I spent too much time doing things. It’s just not worth it.”

Are rappers all about popping pills these days?