DJ Vlad Slams Nicki Minaj Over 6ix9ine: She Has No Moral Compass!!

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DJ Vlad is another celebrity who is criticizing Nicki Minaj for working with Tekashi 6ix9ine -- he says the rapper "has no moral compass."

"Well, they spent money to purchase 14 million YouTube videos," he told Adam 22 during a discussion about their merch bundles, which helped secure their number one single, "TROLLZ."

"Imagine how much that would cost? Imagine the amount of money it would take to boost their video by 14 million views."

DJ Vlad also thinks that Nicki's connection to several men with documented histories of sex crimes proves that she has no "moral compass."

"If you look at Nicki's history, I mean, just like from a a -- I mean let's just say people who are responsible for sexual abuse...," said Vlad.

"From her brother, her husband -- Tekashi... I don't think that she really paints a line of morals... in terms of people that she associates with. You see what I'm sayin'? Like, and that's her line to paint. Like, if one of my family members was a child molester, that'd be it."