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DJ Scratch & Kid Capri Beef Online Over Verzuz!!

During the Big Daddy Kane and KRS One Verzuz, viewers noted that their was a lot of tension between the two sides.

DJ Scratch hopped on Instagram to explain what happened: "This is the show program from last night. I was just following the assignment. KRS abandoned the assignment after the first round of the freestyle battle segment without telling Kane. After the show, Kid told Kane & I that he didn't know about the DJ part," he wrote.

"So he thought I was being aggressive for no reason. Not all all, KRS threw shots all night, we throw shots back. It's @Verzuz, all in fun & laugh & hug when it's over regardless of the outcome. A EPIC night & a big win for Hip Hop!!!"

Capri says Scratch is lying: "I wasn't gonna post anything about this, because you already look crazy, but since your on here lying so much, it's gonna be bad when I speak, and everything I say is truth, so you can post for your little cheerleaders and mislead them, but the real story is gonna come out from me, and I talk that sh*t," he wrote.

"To DJ Scratch. He got em blocked that's why I can't post to him lol," he captioned the post before deleting.