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DJ Paul was spotted out in Los Angeles wearing a hand splint as he and his lady exiting a local eatery.

DJ Paul is the founding member of the legendary Memphis hip hop group Three-6 Mafia and has starred on numerous reality shows.

Four years ago, DJ Paul and his then fiancé Majda Baltic participated in an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap together with Plaxico Burress and his wife.

Its now clear that DJ Paul and Madja are no longer together, and he's dating another - much younger woman.

The young lady tried her best to hide her face from the paparazzi. But here are the pics of DJ Pauls' new bae:


Back in January The Blast reported that DJ Paul had an affinity for a different lady. The report read that the Oscar-winning actor was dating rocker Slash's ex wife:

Slash‘s ex-wife, Perla Hudson, is in a new relationship with Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul and we’re told the hookup was the result of a major key.

Sources close to the new couple tell us they first met at DJ Khaled‘s birthday party last month — they are both mutual friends with Khaled and hit it off.

We’re told the connection with Paul and Perla is so strong that they spent the holidays together and she has even introduced the Oscar winning music producer to her family.

In fact, they are so head over heels for each other, that Perla recently got a tattoo for a cousin who had passed away … and Paul got the same tattoo!