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DJ Mustard Accuses Personal Shopper Of Stealing $50k


DJ Mustard is accusing a personal shopper of running up his tab by $50,000 on items for herself.

He put her all the way on blast.

"Attention to all my people who know me I wanna bring something up everyones attention ! @KarissaCWalker is a thief and a liar !!!! She is not my stylest she was a personal shopper for me and @ChanelDijon we let her use the stylest word so she could get business but the truth is she did nothing but shop !!!" he wrote.

"Today I found out that she ran my credit cards up over 50K buying stuff for her self !!!! Purses shoes shades and other stuff Im hot and I'm only writing this so nobody else deals with her she's bad for business !!!! I have all the receipts to prove everything ... I payed her more than she was worth cause I don't play with taking care of people that do there jobs," he continued.

The producer added, "This is f*cking crazy and just wrong !!!!" In another slide, he added that he paid her $6,000 per month ($72K per year) and after calculating, she could have good and well racked up over $100K in expenses. "She ran up $15K in LV alone on herself !... For somef*cking Instagram likes ??!??"