Dj Khaled celebrated his album finally reaching no.1 on the Billboard charts - but he was forced to turn off his Instagram comments for trashing Tyler, The Creator the week prior.

Khaled was raging last week after Tyler's album 'Igor' beat out 'Father of Asahd' despite the promo all of the promo and the videos he released. He also posted (and then deleted) a clip of him dissing Tyler's music:

"I gotta say this, too. I make albums so people can play it and you actually hear it. You know, drive in the car and you hear another car playin’ it. You know, go to the barbershop and you hear them playin’ it. You know, turn the radio on and you hear them playin’ it. You know, it’s playin’ everywhere. It’s called great music. It’s called albums that you actually hear the songs – not no mysterious sh*t and you never hear it. Pon your dome!”

He may be happy he's finally reached the top spot, but fans aren't feeling the negative way that Khaled went about it.