DJ Jazzy Jeff Talks To Will Smith About Suspected Coronavirus Battle


DJ Jazzy Jeff recently revealed that he was suffering from symptoms similar to coronavirus -- during a chat with Will Smith, and detailed his experience.

I came home from my trip. I was like, 'I feel like I'm coming down with something' and got into bed, and I don't remember the next ten days," Jeff told Will, who appeared to be shocked.

"I had a temperature that reached 103. I had the chills. I lost sense of smell. I lost sense of taste," Jeff continued. "They gave me a flu test," he said. "And when I went and got the chest X-ray, she came in and said, 'You have pneumonia in both your lungs.'"

The DJ revealed that he couldn't get tested for it, but he believes that he had coronavirus.

Both stars are urging people to stay in their homes. As of Tuesday, April 14, 2020 there were more than 603,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in the United States and according to the New York Times database, more than 25,710 Americans have already died from the virus.