DJ Funk Flex: A Rapper That Turns His Comments Off Is A P*ssy!!

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DJ Funkmaster Flex has some opinions about rappers who turn their comments off -- he thinks they are "p*ssies."

"You know what's the most disgusting part about a rapper?" he said on Cigar Talk. "A rapper that turns his comments off is a p*ssy. He's f*cking p*ssy. You're on your phone all day talking tough, you writing your bars, you putting out your mixtape, you've got your guns in the video and you turn off your comments you p*ssy. What kind of banana sh*t is that? Have you seen a rapper turn off his comments?"

He continued, "If you're a rapper right now, I'm a tell you something. I'm a tell you about yourself, that you turn your comments off you p*ssy. You go to your phone, you go to the post, you see a few comments you don't like, you go, 'That's not true. He supposed to be my man, how dare he say that. I'm a go to the settings, I'm a turn my comments off.' A rapper really does that. Man -- and you want respect?"


Is he right?