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DJ Envy: BET Told Me I Wasn't Black Enough For Them!!

DJ Envy has revealed that BET allegedly once told him that he was not Black enough for their network.

"Last night, somebody did reach out from a certain network and asked me if y'all had a channel, "Charlamagne said on The Breakfast Club. "And when I told Envy what network it was, Envy said the network told him that he wasn't Black enough." 

 "It was BET," said Envy.

"BET reached out to Charlamagne about possibly doing the show on BET and I started laughing because a couple of years ago when my family was doing a show, we're still doing a show, but what I tried to do is I look out for my people first. I went to BET and Revolt first, because that's Black-owned and it's a Black channel and BET responded -- it's about five years ago -- that I wasn't Black enough."

Watch the clip below.