DJ Envy has admitted that he blackballed Nicki Minaj during a recent episode ofThe Breakfast Club.

Envy played freestyles which were recently premiered on her #QueenRadio show on Beats 1.

The trio then discussed the following lyrics from one of Nicki's freestyles: 

"And then they say 'You know, it's time to drop your single' I said 'Noooo/ You know radio already tried to blackball a b*tch." 

Charlamagne Tha God then said:

 "DJ Envy is the only DJ blackballing you. That is a fact." 

DJ Envy then admitted:

"I thought I was the only that wasn't playing her record" before explaining that he decided not to play her music after Nicki publicly attacked his friend and colleague, DJ Self.

Social media weighed in on his shocking confession:

Envy already made his stance very clear last summer:

“Nicki can have an opinion on Self, Self can have his opinion on Nicki,” he said per Vibe.

“But when you start saying, ‘I got hungry N-words that’s going to come up there,’ nah…You don’t threaten no DJ over his opinion. Now, if Self said something foul and disrespectful—sure. But not over his opinion...every DJ on the station better stop playing [her]."

Was Envy wrong to side with the family or nah? Let us know.