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DJ DUFFEY From Basketball Wives Gets A 'FULL BODY LIFT' . . . Before And After Pics!!


DJ Duffey from Basketball Wives got a WHOLE NEW BODY - and people are suggesting that she got plastic surgery.

The former Basketball Wives standout - was never all that CURVY. But she posted new pics of herself, and it definitely has people talking.

Here are the pics that Duffey posted:


According to Duffey, she was able to get her new curves by using a body shaping girdle and some "dietary drops" that she's selling on Instagram. But many of her own followers think that she got surgery.

Here are some of the comments on her page:

you can tell she didn’t get lipo because her face and arms slimmed down as well.. stop being a hater

you’re lying. Give me the truth duffey

She went to Columbia like all the other thots and got 20 pounds sucked out of her.

In an interview with Rolling Out, Duffey talks about how she got her start as a DJ:

I was a communication, technology major at The University of Texas at Arlington, and while there, I really started to gain a love for technology. After graduating college, I got married, became a single mom, and at that point, I sat down and started to really ask myself about what I wanted to pursue next. I knew I loved technology, music, and having an enjoyable time and I also knew that deejaying merged these three things together so that’s where it all started for me. I would spend countless hours on learning the equipment, the music, and submerge myself into the craft of deejaying, which ended up working out for me.