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Instagram blogger DJ Akademiks has been in a bitter war of words with female rapper Nicki Minaj for almost a year now. But two weeks ago, their drama officially reached a boiling point. 

In response, Akademiks created a very bitter IG post - blasting Nicki saying that her career is "going down the drain". According to Ak, he created the video, because Nicki Minaj threatened violence against him via a text message.

Now Akademiks is stepping up his attack on Nicki. Earlier in the week, he announced that his musical alter-ego Lil AK would be dropping a diss track against the legendary emcee.

Last month, Akademiks found himself on the wrong end of Barbz smoke after revealing some tension on the back end between him and Minaj with some fades being offered his way from his nemesis. Fearlessly, he leaked the messages during a Twitch livestream and didn’t look terribly phased. In the past few days, Akademiks, who is apparently just trolling (so we hope), has been teasing that new music from Lil AK is coming.

The description from diss reads as follows:

Nicki Minaj has 48 hours to respond to LIL AK or she lost this rap battle. Second Rap beef she lost… First Remy Ma.. now Lil AK

Last night, the diss track leaked:

Here's the song:

Jamaican born DJ Akademiks (real name Livingston Allen) is an Instagram blogger and Youtube star who is known for his satirical comments and analysis on musical artists, news and events happening in the music industry. 

Akademiks who has kept his feud going with Nicki via social media and on his platform has now moved into a new lane - music - but the question is does he have bars?