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DJ Akademiks has appeared to be one of the Barbz over the past year, but recently, Ak launched into a tirade against Nicki during his Twitch feed.

On Twitch, Ak is usually turnt up, drinking alcohol and at his spiciest. But Nicki has earned his wrath after she called him Joe Budden's "sidekick" during the last Queen Radio show.

"Ask her about Drake. Ask her why the f*ck is her music flopping," he said. "'Megatron' went on the charts and fell the f*ck off in four weeks." 

"She can't stay on the charts unless it's a remix or somebody's song who's already been popping." He also added, "Your music, when you're making full songs, is old and regurgitated."

Akademiks also stated that while Nicki can rap better than her arch-nemesis Cardi B, that Cardi makes better songs. 

We think that there's a chance that Nicki could be pulling up to Everyday Struggle to do Ak the way she did Budden on her radio show!