DJ Akademiks To Tekashi 6ix9ine: Avoid The Streets!!

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DJ Akademiks is trying to keep his famous bestie alive, advising him to stay away from the streets.

"I want you to be safe man. I know this as a fact, you getting too much money. You don't gotta prove nobody wrong or nobody right. Today was a ballsy move," he says to 6ix9ine. "You out in the streets with people, but you don't gotta be. You are one of the top five or top ten most successful artists in the music game. You don't gotta do this." 

6ix9ine has just been freed from house arrest, despite employing a colossal security team -- he seems to be making light of his issue.

Since he snitched on former gang defendants, there have been threats against his life. There is some speculation that he may still be working with the feds -- but this is yet to be confirmed.

Should Tekashi heed AK's advice?