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DJ Akademiks Shades Rory & Mal

After word spread that Rory and Ml received $10 million for their new podcast deal, DJ Akademiks is throwing shade.

"I'm a student of the game," Akademiks told Adam 22. "When I comment on anybody ... there's nothing I need to comment on, it's obvious." 

He added, "Do you think anything the two stooges could do in business anywhere could sh*t on anything I've got going on? If they got $10 million, I got 30." 

Rory and Mal started their own podcast after they were fired by Joe Budden.

"Speaking for myself, I'm totally moved on in regard to that. I don't even think about it. Where Rory and I stand now, looking back, it was the best thing that happened. I don't have any reservations or any hard feelings toward anybody," said Mal to Vulture.


Rory added, "I kinda wish it didn't have to play out publicly. I thought that was a little corny. I thought we were all better than that, but you know, it is what it is. It made for good entertainment, I guess."