DJ Akademiks: I Know Of Label Executives Who Are F*cking Rappers!!

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On DJ Akademiks' recent twitch session, he spoke to his supporters about the ongoing T.I. and Tiny Harris allegations.

While he was too scared to go into detail about anything in particular, he did state that he knew of label executives who were sleeping with and (sucking off) male artists.

"I don't even think I can believe all of this stuff, but I'll say this," he said on Twitch. "In the land of Hollyweird, like don't ever think this sh*t is just too weird for you. There's a couple of executives that I be hearing are f*cking the male rappers -- and they're male too. And I've been saying how come he keeps sucking these n*ggas off and nobody talks about this?"


He did not name any rappers or any of the executive's names -- but it's likely that his revelation will have all of the rap fans wondering who he's speaking on.

Take a look at the clip below: