DJ Akademiks Blasts Jay-Z & Meek Mill After Roc Nation CEO's Pardon


While Roc Nation may be celebrating the CEO Desiree Perez's presidential pardon, DJ Akademiks hopped on Twitch to share his thoughts on the matter -- and he isn't impressed.

"Roc Nation CEO and federal cooperator who took down a cartel, Desiree Perez, also known as Meek Mill's boss and JAY-Z's hired CEO -- she has been granted clemency, granted a pardon by Donald Trump for her diligent work in snitching," said Akademiks. 

"Jesus Christ! It will be marked from the record that she was ever convicted of any crime to do with narcotics, which also will write away the record that she also cooperated. Ain't that a prison reform! I would like to hear Meek Mill's opinion on this. I would like to hear what he thinks because he's involved in prison reform."

And Akademiks was not the only media personality to raise an eyebrown over the matter:

"Congrats to JayZ and Roc Nation Ceo on the Donald Trump Pardon! MONDAY 7PM WE GOT A STORY TO TELL! #JustMyOpinion ( Guys if I can't go to the brunch I understand ). I NEED TO GET MY FACTS IN ORDER BEFORE I DISCUSS! I NEVER NEW THIS UNTIL TODAY???? HOW DOES EVERYONE FEEL ABOUT THIS?" he wrote.

Monday Flex says he's got some tea as well.