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DIZAYUMMMMMM!! If You Think LUDACRIS Wife Is BAD . . . . . . You Gotta Peep . . . Her AFRICAN COUSIN!! !! (That Face . . . Them HIPS . . . And All REAL????)


Rapper/actor Ludacris married a real WINNER when he wife'd up Eudoxie Mbouguiengue - who has a medical degree.

But Eudoxie - who is from the African nation of Gabon - isn't the only beaut in her family. Check out her COUSIN, who is still in the motherland.

Here's Eudoxie's cousin:

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Eudoxie and Ludacris tied the knot back in 2014. The couple has one daughter together, Cadence Gaëlle. Eudoxie is also a great stepmom to Ludacris' daughter, Cai Bella, whose mom is Tamika Fuller, and eldest daughter Karma, who is 16.