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DIZAYUMMMMMM!!! 1990s Boy Group SOUL FOR REAL Had A Concert The Other Day . . . And They Sounded AWFUL!!!


R&B groups from the 90s are making a comeback - and for the most part, we are here for it. But for some, perhaps they should just remain a beautiful memory and enjoy their legacy.

Soul For Real is the latest group to make headlines - but it isn't all good.

In the videos below, Soul For Real delivered a performance to fans, and it was far from perfect. As the R&B crooners belt out their classic, 1994 hit "Candy Rain," their vocals were all over the place. The group members performed half-assed choreography while some stage front fans looked bewildered.

Dressed in black pants, matching blazers, white tees and Nike sneakers - the funky foursome strained to sing their popular hit song, and they can be seen pointing their microphones out towards the audience to sing along - but the feedback was near silent.

"Candy Rain" which featured a verse from the late, Heavy D, peaked at number two on the US Billboard Hot 100 for three weeks and reached #1 on Billboard's Top 40/Rhythm-Crossover airplay chart. The song was also the title track of their debut album, which went platinum - selling over 1 million copies worldwide.

It wasn't ALL bad. Some of the attendees seemed to be enjoying the group's shaky performance. The power of nostalgia is REAL.

Hopefully, they were just having a bad day.
Cause that sounds REAL BAD.