Marjorie Harvey, wife of talk show host and comedian Steve Harvey has not been wearing her wedding ring for nearly a month now, and that has people talking.

And yesterday, Marjorie decided to take an impromptu girls trip with one of her closest friends. The trip was only for the two gals - Steve wasn't invited.

The two ladies drove out (in Marjorie's Rolls Royce Phantom) out for a day in the California desert. Marjorie and her gal pal rode in luxury for 4 hours until they reached the Trona Pinnacles.

There, it appears that the two ladies had a heart to heart - while enjoying the natural beauty of the surroundings.

 Here are pics from the trip:

If you look carefully at the pics, you'll notice that Marjorie is STILL not wearing her wedding ring. 

It's been more than two weeks since we've seen pictures of Marjorie not wearing her ring - and not seeing pictures of Marjorie and Steve together. 

They were married in 2007 and Marjorie is Steve's third wife. She was also a mother of three and had been previously married when they tied the knot. 

Over the years, Marjorie Harvey has become famously known for both showing off her lavish lifestyle as well as her "relationship goals" marriage to Steve and seeing a string of social media posts that does not involve him, is for her - unusual.