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DISTURBING PICS: Little Girl Shows BRUTAL SCARS . . . She Was BRUTALLY Beaten . . . For Not Allowing Dad To RAPE HER!!!


A disturbing image is being shared around social media – showing a strong and beautiful young girl from Nigeria – who has endured the most DIFFICULT childhood you can imagine.

According to local reports, the little girl was abused and assaulted by her father, who whipped her mercilessly after he allegedly tried to rape her.

A couple (pictured below) took the girl into their home, and released pics of her – to get local attention on the story.

Also in the below images, you can see the young girl suffered injuries to her head, and there are dozens are scars across her back from the savage whipping as well as several lacerations across her belly and chest.

After the news broke out, the Commissioner of Women Affairs and the Attorney General of Nigeria are said to have been made aware and are now interested in the case.

In 2016, the Lagos State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Adeniji Kazeem disclosed that the state recorded at least 4,035 cases of sexual and child abuse in just 12 months. His office has taken a hard line in the fight against abuses such as these, sending out the following warning:

“Let me sound a note of warning here that no matter how highly placed you are in the society if you commit any domestic violence crime, Lagos State will go after you and prosecute you in court."

For now, the assault victim appears to be in safe hands.

The photos have been seen by MILLIONS of people around the world.

See the heartbreaking pictures below.