DISTURBING CRIME: Police Say That Man Shot And Killed His Own 8-MONTH-OLD SON . . . Because He Was MAD AT HIS CHILD'S MOTHER.


Police in St. Louis have a fugitive on the loose. Authorities say that 35-year-old Diata Crockett is wanted for murdering his own 8-month-old son Reien Crockett. The incident occurred yesterday at around 1 p.m. May 24.

According to police, Diata, his girlfriend and three children were driving in a rental car in St Louis. At some point, the couple got into an argument and the mother got out of the car with their youngest child, the 8-month-old, at a stop light. Police said Diata shot at the mother during the dispute and ended up striking his infant son.

Police say that they believe that the child was INTENTIONALLY shot.

The mother and a Good Samaritan called police and rushed the wounded 8-month-old to the hospital, but he didn't make it.