DISTURBING CHARGES: Father Is Accused Of CRUSHING His 6 Week Old Daughter's SKULL . . . With His BARE HANDS!!!


Six week old Mila died yesterday, and police think that she suffered from immeasurable abuse during her short time on this planet.

Authorities charged her father Matthew Zabala, 32, of San Jose brutally assaulted and murdered his infant daughter. He was also charged with domestic violence after investigators contend he routinely "punched, slapped, choked and pushed" the child's mother throughout their five-year relationship.

Police say that Matthew admitted to "being rough" with the six month old infant.

Mila's mom is not compltely wthout blame either. Mila's mother began a relationship with Matthew around the time he was serving a sentence for abusing another daughter he fathered with a different woman. Authorities and court records show that after a 2010 child-abuse conviction, Matthew was subjected to seven months of electronic monitoring -- wearing an ankle bracelet -- and was given four years of probation.

Unfortunately Mila wasn;t as lucky as Matthew's other abused child.

X-rays and an MRI showed multiple fractures all over Mila's body, including her skull, and varied stages of healing indicated evidence of steady abuse in Mila's short life. Another examination found that Mila's head injury was not an accident and "was the result of intentional crushing of the skull."