Disney's Bunk'd Star SKAI JACKSON . . . Is Dating GANGSTER RAPPER!! (Pics With Guns)

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MTO News broke the news last year that 16 year old Disney star Skai Jackson is dating a gun-toting gangster rapper. Well the two are still going strong. As we first told you guys in 2017, Skai and an Asian gangster rapper named Yung Boi Trunks Trunks has links to the BLOODS gang.

Skai is one of the most talented young Disney actresses. She stars in the hit series BUNK'D and is loved by children and pre-teens all over the world. It's surprising that Skai would associate herself with a young man that has such "issues."

Here is an image of her boyfriend, carrying a MACHINE GUN and talking about shooting people in his music:


Skai also recently attended the funeral of XXXTentatcion back in late June. She was spotted alongside Lil Uzi Vert and the two posted for a photo together:

According to reports, Skai also recently came under fire before for being a fan of XXXTentacion, but recent comments after his death have stirred up the controversy again. 

After he died, fans began arguing with her about a tweet that it appears she later deleted. Some of her comments on Twitter and Instagram have been generating quite a bit of controversy. However, the actress is only 16, so other people are asking fans to be compassionate and kind to her. Read on for details. (Warning: There will be some profanity in some of the comments.)

She published (and later deleted) the initial controversial tweet in response to a tweet by Perez Hilton that read “Domestic abuser XXXTentacion murdered in drive-by-shooting.”

She wrote in response: “You really had to add ‘domestic abuser’? Can we just remember him in a positive light? Let’s not do that…”