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DISGUSTING VIDEO!! Police Tell Father That His SIX YEAR OLD SON Is Killed . . . On LIVE TV . . . The TV Viewers Knew Before The FATHER DID!! (This Is SO WRONG)

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A disturbing video is coming out of - and it shows just how COLD and CALLOUS the Jackson, MISS police department is towards its residents.

Yesterday a 6 year old boy named Kingston Frazier was shot to death in the backseat of his mother’s car, and his lifeless body was abandoned on a dead-end road. The boy was sleeping in the back seat of the car when it was stolen early Thursday morning.

Kingston father Archie left him in the car for a few minutes, while he ran into the store to pick up some groceries - he didn't want to wake up the boy.

Well the car was stolen by three ANIMALS - who shot little Kingston in the head and killed him.

But here's where it gets even WORSE. The police held a press conference to announce that Kingston was dead - but they hadn't told his father Archie. Archie pulled up on the press conference - which was being televised - and he found out his son was killed on LIVE TV.