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DISGUSTING STORY: Popular NYC Music Teacher Is Accused Of MOLESTING Boys . . . But Teacher Claims He 'TOUCHED' The Boys . . . BY ACCIDENT!!


Darnelle Watts, a popular teacher at one of New York's most PROMINENT charter schools has been fired. But it's worse that mere subordination. Two students filed a lawsuit against the teacher, claiming that he molested them. In the lawsuit the students claim that Darelle has abused dozens and possibly HUNDREDS of Black boys in New York City, while teaching them music.

Here is how the NY Daily News is reporting it:

Darnelle Watts, a gospel singer who taught an after-school class at the Promise Academy, confessed to detectives that he “hit” a boy’s penis “by accident” during a bizarre game, the court papers say.

“By accident means that we would play where I would hit him there and he would hit me there in the penis. I’m 6’3, he’s this tall. It’s just a game,” Watts allegedly said after he was arrested on charges he molested two boys at the school for months.

Watts, who was quietly canned from the Promise Academy in October 2015, is now accused in a new lawsuit of abusing many more students – between 10 to 13 years old – whom he mentored. Investigators fear he may have more victims.

“He is the most despicable human being on the face of the Earth,” said Rosemarie Arnold, a lawyer for two boys Watts allegedly abused.Watts, 28, initially denied any wrongdoing when he was first questioned after his arrest. After admitting to engaging in the creepy game, he described another encounter with the boy — listed as John Doe to protect his identity — apparently in the school auditorium.

“My goodness, my God. I did ask (Doe) to pull out his penis and I pulled out my penis. I touched (Doe’s) penis and (Doe) touched my penis. But I didn’t let him finish me off,” the court papers quote him as saying.

An alumnus of the prestigious Boys’ Choir of Harlem, Watts has posted several singing videos online, including a version of “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” from the old PBS kids’ show, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

In his interview with police, Watts also admitted the boy looked at porn on his phone. “I do have a picture of my penis on the phone because I was sending that picture to someone. I’m not circumcised. I like girls, ” he said, according to the court filings.