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DISGUSTING!!! Police Officer MURDERED TODDLER . . . By Leaving Her In Patrol Car For FOUR HOURS . . . And Was Given 'PAID LEAVE'!!


A Long Beach, Miss., police officer is suspected of KILLING a toddler, by leaving the poor girl locked in a patrol car - for more than Four hours.

The entire incident is very BIZARRE. The Long Beach cop is Cassie Barker, and she has has been identified as the mother of Cheyenn Hyer - the toddler left alone in the patrol car.

Hancock County Chief Deputy Don Bass said that Cheyenn was left in the patrol car for four hours while Barker “was visiting” with Long Beach patrolman Clark Ladner.

Bass said Ladner did not know Cheyenn was in the car while Ladner and Barker were inside.

Chief Investigator Glen Grannan said Monday deputies have learned Barker was involved in an unrelated incident which resulted in her having to go through the state Department of Human Services “so she could have her child back.” The incident involved the same child.

Grannan said investigators are “going through the proper legal protocols to get all the information I need.”

Long Beach Police Chief Wayne McDowell said Barker and Ladner are on administrative leave with pay