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DISGUSTING MURDERER!! Man Is Charged With BEATING His BABYS Mama TO DEATH With A Hammer . . . Then Doing The Same . . . To His THREE CHILDREN!!!

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A North Carolina man is being charged with killing his baby's mother, and the three children they were raising together (two were his biologically), in one of the most HEINOUS crimes in recent memory.

Dibon Toone, the man accused of these crimes, was arrested by Richmond, Virginia police. Police believe the coward FLED THE STATE after killing his family.

The bodies of Garlette Howard and her three young daughters, 11-year-old Bryana Carr, 7-year-old Ayona Toone and 6-year-old Myona Toone, were discovered by Greenville officers at their home.

Police say the autopsies on the four victims showed they died from “traumatic head injury by assault” and believe Dibon used a hammer. They do not yet have a motive for the crime.