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DISGUSTING CRIME: Man Kills THREE CHILDREN . . . Burns Then To DEATH . . . When He Suspects Their Mom STOLE HIS DRUG MONEY!!!


A Michigan is being charged with one of the most HEINOUS crimes in recent memory, burning to death three children all because their mom, who was sent to buy drugs, did not return.

40 year old Rodney King met Erica Starkey on the street at around 4 a.m. The pair went back to Erica's home where she lived along with her children Onyah Starkey, 13, her 4-year-old brother Kayden Hull. That night Onyah's 14-year-old friend Brianna Beaushaw was sleeping over also.

While at Erica's home, Rodney and her smoked crack.

They left together to find more drugs before returning to the 39-year-old Starkey's home. At approximately 4 a.m., Starkey left again to buy more drugs while King stayed at the home.

King fell asleep, and when he woke up, he found that Starkey had never returned, according to the prosecutor's office. King then became angry and set some furniture on fire.

The fire spread and all three children were burned alive. Prosecutors have charged both Rodney and Erica with murder.