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8-Year-Old Boy Is KILLED By His Mom's Fiance . . . Authorities Say That The Man 'CHOKE SLAMMED' The THIRD GRADER On The Ground!!!!!

Author: just learned of yet ANOTHER tragic killing, at the hands of the mom's boyfriend - or in this case her fiance. Authorities are charging a Pennsylvania with his fiancee's 8-year-old son onto the floor and killing him. Police say that the fiance was upset that the 8 year old had a messy room.

Pennsylvania police say Orlando Williams had been drinking before he tripped over a laundry basket in the boy's room and angrily tried to 'choke slam' him onto the edge of his bed Sunday night. Police say Orlando ended up slamming the boy on the floor, and the boy died from his injuries.

The couple drove to a hospital Monday morning. Doctors called police because of the severity of the boy's injuries, including a herniated brain stem. He was on a ventilator and died Thursday.

Williams is jailed on charges including aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child. Authorities are considering whether to charge him with MURDER also.

We do NOT believe in step-parents being allowed to use corporal punishment on children.