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Director Ridley Scott Calls Superhero Movies 'Boring As Sh*t'

Director Ridley Scott, director of House of Gucci and The Last Duel says he is not a fan of superhero movies.

"Almost always, the best films are driven by the characters, and we'll come to superheroes after this if you want, because I'll crush it. I'll f*cking crush it. They're f*cking boring as sh*t," he said.

"Their scripts are not any f*cking good. I think I've done three great scripted superhero movies. One would be Alien with Sigourney Weaver. One would be f*cking Gladiator, and one would be Harrison Ford…" he said.

He added: "They're superhero movies. So, why don't the superhero movies have better stories? Sorry. I got off the rail, but I mean, c'mon. They're mostly saved by special effects, and that's becoming boring for everyone who works with special effects, if you've got the money."

Superheros movies have made history in the box office time and time again. Is he right? Are superhero movies boring?