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Hollywood director Peter Bogdanovich slammed Cher as the most difficult star that he's ever worked with and even claimed that the musical icon could not act.

When asked by Vulture magazine about working with Cher on 'Mask', he said:

"Well, she didn’t trust anybody, particularly men. She doesn’t like men. That’s why she’s named Cher: She dropped her father’s name. Sarkisian, it is. She can’t act. She won Best Actress at Cannes because I shot her very well," he told Vulture.

"And she can’t sustain a scene. She couldn’t do what Tatum [O’Neal] did in Paper Moon. She’d start off in the right direction, but she’d go off wrong somehow, very quickly. So I shot a lot of close-ups of her because she’s very good in close-ups. Her eyes have the sadness of the world."

He added:

"You get to know her, you find out it’s self-pity, but still, it translates well in movies. I shot more close-ups of her than I think in any picture I ever made."

Here is a clip of Cher in 'Mask.'