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The Diptset's documentary, 'Diplomatic Ties' has been released and is available to stream via TIDAL.

The documentary is named after the 2018 album of the same name and follows the making of the project and release.

The Diplomats had been focused on their solo projects for 14 years but talked to Billboard last year about their decision to reunite:

"We tried to do it a few different times, but we were somewhere else earlier and Jim alluded to it that we’ve all known Tuma [Basa] for years and years and years and he kind of put it all together and got everybody back in a good space. We did the [Hammerstein Ballroom] show and then from the show—I believe it was in February—we just been continuing to work since then," Cam'Ron told Billboard.

Jim Jones also spoke on the magic of the Diplomat fan:

" It’s just great to have people recognize the work we put in and enjoy the way we’ve been entertaining for all these years. I mean, to see people lose their mind sometimes is a little bit scary, but it’s dope! I don’t know about everybody else’s fans. I haven’t studied anybody else’s fans, but I know Dipset fans are definitely some good fans. They’ve been good to us."