Diddy's sons Quincy and Christian Combs have been involved in a car accident on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

According to reports, Quincy and Christian were leaving their father's home when they crashed with a female driver.

Quincy, 28, was reportedly the driver of the car and remained at the scene for the cops to arrive. Reports also state that Christian, 21, left in another vehicle with their father's bodyguards.

Quincy reportedly walked over to the female driver and even hugged her to check that she was ok. There were no injuries for either party involved. He cooperated, and both drivers exchanged contact information and other relevant information about the crash.

The news comes just days after Diddy's ex Lori Harvey was arrested for a hit and run which occurred over the weekend. It is rumored that she was texting rapper Future, to whom she is now romantically linked.

Lori, however, has not yet confirmed the rumors that the two are dating.