Over the weekend news broke that Diddy, who had been romantically linked to 22 year old model/socialite Lori Harvey, was now out on a date with a young Latina woman. 

Once pictures of Diddy and his alleged side chick leaked, Lori Harvey immediately unfollowed him on social media.

Welp, that was then... 

Now, according to Diddy's son Christian - the 49 year old music mogul and Steve Harvey's 22 year old daughter are back together.

While attending a Tiffany & Co.'s Men's Collection launch event in Los Angeles this weekend, Christian gave an update on Diddy and Lori's relationship to the celebrity site Hollywood Life. 

He told the outlet that Diddy and Lori were being "private" about everything.

Christian explained, “They [are] good. They’re just being … Private time.” He added, “That’s up to them. So …”

In late July, rumors began swirling that rapper and music mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs, 49, was secretly dating 22-year-old Lori Harvey. Since then, neither Sean nor Lori have uttered a word about their romance, despite there being several paparazzi pictures of them together. According to Christian, though, things are going well between them (side chick pics or no side chick pics) and "They [are] good."