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Diddy's Son JUSTIN . . . Is Dating a FEMALE RAPPER .. . He's NOT Gay!! (PICS)


Diddy's son Justin has a new girlfriend, and she's a celebrity. Justin was spotted with the popular young (and blowing up) female rapper Bia at the airport.

Word is that the two are pretty serious too. the couple flew to Miami, where Bia had a few performances and Justin had a couple of club appearances.

Justin has been plagued on social media with "gay" rumors. Well it looks like we can now put hose rumors to rest - he's dating a woman.


For those of you that don't know Bia, here is some of her music:

Earlier this summer MTO News released a BLOCKBUSTER report that alleged that Justin was exchanging gay messages with a man....

Sean "Puffy" Combs second son Justin is caught up in a bit of controversy A gay man is posting screenshots of an alleged conversation between himself and Justin . . . and suggesting that Justin is GAY. 

The screenshots - as you can see below - are heavily edited. The man claims that the messages are "evidence" of some type of GAY relationship between hm and Diddy's son Justin. 

The messages start out with the two men appearing to discuss some sort of travel plans. Then the man claims to have "pictures" that the two men exchanged. It's not clear WHAT was in the pictures - or who sent what to whom - but the suggestion is that the images were graphic in nature.

Diddy's son Justin has been hit with "gay" rumors before. At he time, Justin said that while he has nothing against gay people - he's completely straight.