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Diddy’s BABYS MOTHER Kim Porter Spotted Out WITHOUT MAKEUP . . . And People Are Making RUDE COMMENTS . . . About Her LOOKING OLD!!!


Kim Porter and mother to P Diddy’s children lands at LAX airport after an incoming flight from out of town. Kim shares a friendly smile and peace sign on her way out to her waiting car.
The pics showed up on social media – and Kim’s HATERS were out in FULL FORCE. Many of them commented on how Kim – who is in her 40s – is AGING.

To be fair, Kim has always looked a little older than her age, but her critics were exaggerating. We are just so used to seeing women age surgically, that somebody aging naturally and embracing her wrinkle lines is shocking to see.

Kim has also given birth to three babies for Diddy, Jessie James Combs, D’Lila Star Combs, Christian Casey Combs and has never looked anything less than a model.

The couple split over a decade ago, after Kim caught Diddy cheating.

At the time, she told Essence: “I wasn’t even coming from the place of who, what, why…I laid low and did what women do: I did my background work, collected information [about the other woman]. But I wasn’t even on it like that because I was pregnant, and what was bubbling inside me was a blessing from God. I couldn’t let my energy be on that. I didn’t have time for any drama, trauma, and bullsh*t.”

But now they are the best of friends!

We think Kim looks GREAT.