Diddy Wears Biggie Shirt - Says Crystals & Sage Will Protect Him From Corona!


Sean"Diddy" Combs offered a prayer to fans and told fans that he's using crystals and sage for protection against the coronavirus, MTO News has learned.

Diddy began the video by praying in front of the camera - and was noticeably surrounded by sacred crystals and sage. He was wearing a shirt with the image of his deceased friend and rapper, the Notorious BIG.

But that's not all people are talking about. The 50-year-old music mogul surprised fans with his new look - gray hair! And many hit the comment section to gush about his new distinguished look.

In the video, Diddy also called for people to “get involved” in the battle against the deadly COVID-19.

In the video clip, which can be seen above, Diddy discusses the impact that the coronavirus is having around the world, and how the public needs to “wake up and know what we’re into and try to figure out how to f-cking save each other. F-ck the politics and the bureaucracy.. old hair, white men with grey hair, f-cking controlling our destiny? …they don’t have power. We have the power. The power of unity cannot be broken.”

He added, “We can’t just sit back and leave our healthcare workers abandoned and unprotected,” he captioned the video.

Combs also slammed President Donald Trump over his administration’s handling of the coronavirus. “We also can’t expect someone that [doesn’t] give a f-ck about us to save us… It’s not Trump’s fault. He doesn’t give a f-ck about us,” he said.