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Diddy Unveils New 'Quarantine' GF - Twitter Thinks She's Transgender!

Sean "Diddy' Combs unveiled his new girlfriend on social media yesterday and after fans saw her silhouette, many began wondering whether she could be a transgender.

Diddy released the video on Instagram yesterday. The video showed the music mogul sitting in his home with house music is blasting in the background. At first glance Diddy appeared to be alone. 

But if you look at the reflection in his glasses, Diddy is clearly with a woman or "womanesque" according to fans.

See the video above (you may have to watch it a couple of times)

Almost immediately after Diddy released the video, his fans began asking whether the "woman" in the video was male, female, or transgender?

Diddy Eoman

Here are some comments, taken from Diddy's page:

lmaoo is that a woman or man

dead ass thought the same thing.. that look rather dude-ish

hat had to be a man!! I thought I saw a peen hanging and the physique

my vote...a man

Don’t tell me that’s a man 😳

Last year, Combs worked with Arianna Huffington, author and founder of Thrive Global, to improve his own sleep habits. He then collaborated with Thrive Global to produce this meditation.

At the start of his career, Combs had a reputation in the music industry for pulling all-nighters and even had the phrase “no sleep” painted on the wall of his studio, Bad Boy Records. (Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates once had a similar attitude to sleep.)

Combs, who had an estimated worth of $740 million as of 2019, said in the meditation that he tends to “move fast throughout my day,” but had to take time to learn how to slow down before bed.