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Diddy Once Tried To Sign UGK

Bun B revealed that Diddy once tried to sign UGK to Bad Boy South.

Bun B said it happened while Pimp C was in jail.

"That was interesting times because Bad Boy wanted UGK at the same time," he said. "Pimp was locked up at the time; I remember Puff had this big party in Houston and we went to the party. We went to Puff's section — they had him behind all the rope and whatever — they let me and my wife over."

Bun B told Diddy that he needed to talk to his wife. Diddy then tried to talk Queenie into say yes to the deal, but Bun did not want to make the move while Pimp C was locked up.


"I'm like, 'We're not.' That was a very contentious point because she didn't understand why we turned down that amount of money that they were offering. I said, 'We didn't come this far to sell this. We gotta ride this out. I can't have [Pimp C] come home and he work for somebody else now. It's just not gon' work.'"